What is LANFest? 

LANFest is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization built on the mission of “Building healthy communities through gaming”. LANFest was founded by a small group of workers at Intel back in 2002 who wanted to put together a LAN and bring people together. It wasn’t until 2011 that LANFest was a fully functioning organization and began its mission of building healthy communities through gaming by becoming a charity organization. Through the years LANFest has grown from just a small group of gamers in Washington at the Intel Office to a massive organization with 21 Chapters across 17 States and is still growing today!

What is a “LANFest Chapter”? 

A LANFest Chapter represents a vibrant community of gamers coming together to foster connections by organizing local LAN events. These gatherings, held 1-2 times a year, are designed to fulfill our mission of building strong and inclusive gaming communities. 

How does LANFest build healthy communities through gaming? 

LANFest significantly contributes to the development of healthy gaming communities by hosting events that unite individuals, fostering connections and establishing shared experiences in the gaming world. Recognizing the global love for gaming and its essential role in mental, physical, and emotional well-being, LANFest creates a secure and inclusive environment for everyone to come together, connect, and engage in play. 

What is the Mission, Vision, and Values of LANFest? 

LANFest believes in the vital role of fun in maintaining good health, the unifying power of games for shared enjoyment, and the potential for accomplishing good when having fun with friends. We prioritize fun and community through gaming, bringing individuals together to connect and build relationships. This positive energy is channeled into making a positive impact in our communities, fostering a supportive environment for creativity, innovation, and growth. ㅤ 

How am I able to support LANFest? 

You can make a difference in your community and support LANFest through our Ways to Support page on the LANFest website, https://lanfest.com/waystosupport/. Supporting LANFest can be through a variety of means, such as volunteering at events, making monetary donations, contributing gaming equipment, or spreading awareness about LANFest’s mission and initiatives within your community.

How do I submit an application to create a LANFest Chapter? 

If you don’t find a LANFest Chapter in your area, we’d be thrilled to welcome one in your community! Kickstart the LANFest Chapter Application Process by filling out our form at https://lfest.link/startachapter. After submission, a member of the LANFest Executive Team will promptly contact you to schedule an introductory meeting. Let’s build healthy gaming communities together!

How can I get involved with LANFest? 

Get started with LANFest involvement at both the Chapter and National levels by exploring our online applications at https://lanfest.com/about/jointheteam/. Verify the presence of a LANFest Chapter in your area by visiting the Chapters page on the LANFest website: https://lanfest.com/chapters/. Take the initiative to join our community and be part of the gaming experience!